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We harness the power of on-shore and off-shore legal associates to bring you customised and structured services to optimise your practice.


We are a global
legal process outsourcing

LPO Connect is a legal process outsourcing provider headquartered in Melbourne Australia, and our operations are based in Sri Lanka. Our services are designed to maximise your revenue by facilitating access to a diverse team of talented and motivated lawyers and paralegals with competitive pricing. 

We provide legal support of unparalleled quality. To achieve that level of excellence, we concentrate on our team’s knowledge and skills, integrate digital processes to maintain work ethic and confidentiality, and focus on continuous training and development of our team.

Of Our

Legal process outsourcing

Areas of Practice

Our sevices are primarily focused on Corporate, Contract and Intellectual Property Law practice areas.


We assist law firms with drafting company constitutions, restructuring, listing at the stock exchage and Mergers & Acquisitions.


Our experienced and talented lawyers have assisted law firms with drafting hundreds of legal agreements involving diverse legal transactions.

Intellectual Property

We provision assistance to law firms with protecting and enforcing IP rights, including, filing documents, conducting searches and litigation support.



Our Services



LPO Connect services are carefully selected and customised to provide effective off-shore and on-shore legal process outsourcing services for law firms worldwide.

Brand Protection

IP registration, monitoring and agreement drafting.

Contract Management

Manage and monitor performance of your contractual obligations.

Company Secretarial Services

ASIC registered services including, incorporating companies and complying with annual lodgement obligations.

Dedicated Legal Support

Engage an individual lawyer, paralegal or a legal support team to exclusively work with you as an extension of your team.

Due Diligence

Engage our due diligence services for Mergers and Acquisitions.

Litigation Support

Litigation preparation services including, research, e-discovery and preparing court documents.


Legal process outsourcing

We understand that as a lawyer, your most precious asset is your reputation. Our People, Processes and IT systems are built to protect your standards. 

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients, founded on trust, honesty, integrity and acting to advance our clients’ best interests.


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