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Our model is simple, effective and innovative. So, we’d like to run through it with new clients.

LPO Connect pricing works off three principles:

  • You engage us through a monthly subscription agreed upon upfront. This covers all our services and is a fixed price for each month
  • Your monthly subscription is based on the size of your firm and anticipated workload. There is no cap; we will cover peak periods within the set price. If your workload increases permanently; however, we will agree to a new subscription.
  • You pay for the month ahead, but there is no continuing obligation. You can end our retainer whenever you would like.

Buildings 3 & 4

320 Lorimer Street
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

Australia: + 61 4 2495 5660

Singapore: + 6 593 286 817
Sri Lanka: + 94 779 810 717