Our Associates and Paralegals

Most of our permanent associates are based in Sri Lanka, although we have access to a network of partners in over 80 other countries when projects require. Sri Lanka offers a safe, mature and well qualified business environment to base our operations.

Over the last decade, the Sri Lankan Government has prioritised facilitation of e-commerce by enacting various laws to protect privacy, reduce cyber-crime and protect intellectual property. It has a strong and independent judiciary and robust administrative review mechanisms. More information can be found at the government’s website.

The Sri Lankan government is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the LPO industry on the island, giving our client’s further comfort as to the quality and reliability of our model.

Brilliant Lawyers

The Sri Lankan legal system is based on the English common law. Our associates are graduates of the University of Colombo Law Faculty, having completed: a four year undergraduate degree in English medium in the case of our paralegal associates, and a degree as well as professional training at the College of Law for our graduate lawyers.

Admission to the faculty of law in Sri Lanka is extremely competitive with many thousands applying for just a few hundred positions at Sri Lanka’s only law school.

LPO Connect’s ‘Step Up’ Program

Through our Step Up training program our associates get targeted international exposure and evolve into dedicated lawyers with an eye for detail and commercial nous.

LPO Connect is built on the principle of win-win solutions. Our solutions are designed to save you both money and time, and to increase your efficiency; in turn assisting your clients by adding more value. LPO Connect also aims to provide a vibrant start to the careers of our paralegal and associates in Sri Lanka.

Our offshore associates come to us as brilliant and motivated scholars. Through our Step Up training program they gain invaluable international exposure and evolve into dedicated lawyers. Our intention is to give our associates and paralegals in Sri Lanka the opportunities to eventually further their studies and/or careers abroad.