Quality & Security

  • Protecting your Professional Responsibilities

    As a lawyer, your most precious asset is your professional reputation. Our people, processes and IT systems are built to protect those standards. The key to ensuring that outsourcing protects your professional and ethical duties to your client is to retain full and effective supervision and control over processes at every stage of work.

    Ultimately, you provide your client with the legal assistance and advice, and we merely support you in that process. We are an integrated part of your service delivery behind the scenes.

  • Confidentiality and Data Security

    Our IT systems and buildings protocols are designed to protect sensitive information. During a project, the principal lawyer dealing with your matter will regularly update you on the steps taken in accordance with our protocols for your particular matter. All our personnel undergo a detailed security vetting process and must sign a confidentiality undertaking before commencing work on any classified material.

  • Competence

    You will meet and interview the principal with carriage of your work prior to us commencing. You can discuss their qualifications and background to satisfy yourself that they are competent and qualified to carry out the work you need. If you desire, you can also see the CV of each of the associates that will be engaged on your matter. We also offer a trial period of one month, within which time you can cancel your retainer with us without any obligation.

  • Conflicts of Interest

    We undertake a thorough conflict check prior to engaging any client or work. Any potential conflicts are discussed with you prior to commencing work.

  • Supervision

    At the outset we agree reporting and milestone dates, where work and progress updates will be given to you on the work. At each of these dates you will have the opportunity to monitor and guide process toward completion of your project.

  • Your Client's Consent

    We do not deal directly with your client. However, it is critical that your client is aware of our contribution to their work. This can be easily done through your standard retainer agreement. We can assist with this if required.
  • Insurance

    Our procedures ensure you maintain oversight and supervision throughout the process. This means that most of the work we undertake will be covered by your existing professional insurance. Should you require specific advice on the impact of outsourcing on your professional indemnity insurance we can assist in obtaining that advice.