LPO Connect Legal Databases

LPO Connect pioneered LivingLaw© databases built to our clients’ specifications for easy analysis and cross-referencing of the domestic laws of multiple jurisdictions covering fields such as:

  • climate and carbon;
  • banking and finance;
  • international trade; and
  • investment arbitration.

LivingLaw Bespoke Databases

We created LivingLaw© Bespoke, Living, Comparative databases of regulations, rules, laws and requirements across discrete fields of interest to our clients.

  • Bespoke

    Our clients work with our IT team to tailor their database to meet their operational needs. Ongoing tweaks to the IT builds are part of our premium service; so that, as your operational requirements evolve, so too does your LivingLaw© database.

  • Living

    Our associates in Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, as well as correspondent lawyers across the world, update databases depending on your needs. These databases are evolving with updates. We can even email you changes to regulations of interest. If you are interested in this type of follow-up, we can task the country desk to provide a detailed briefing on the subject.

  • Comparative

    Part of our unique value add is in synthesising material from around the world to provide insightful commentary on how measures compare with other jurisdictions. Our comparative databases are complete with references to existing literature the public domain.

See for yourself the value-add of our databases. Take a moment to look over the examples below of existing products we have created in the banking and climate change fields. Consider whether your practice faces similar challenges and how LivingLaw© could change your work.