Virtual Teams

The concept behind a Virtual Team follows the underlying mission of our company: to provide our clients with a new, improved way of doing their work.

The Virtual Team is built and available specifically to meet your particular practice’s needs. Avoiding the expense of external counsel as well as the overheads recruitment and retainment, you assemble your team by choosing from our offshore paralegals and experienced lawyers as needed.

Our Concept of a Virtual Legal Team

Virtual teams draw on our global pool of qualified lawyers and paralegals to supplement your capability.

Whether you need assistance in ongoing workflows, support in a foreign jurisdiction or particular subject matter; or require more personnel to get on top of a large volume of project work, virtual teams are the answer.

You can engage a team to work exclusively for you so that the staff develops expertise in your field and an understanding for your style and preference.

Alternatively, where your need is for largely generic paralegal assistance, you can engage a virtual team drawing from a pool of our associates, quickly and easily and without being tied down to a long retainer.

Simply select a service level that best meets your needs.

Choosing an Engagement Model

If you are not sure which engagement model, or combination thereof, is right for your practice, one of our advisors would be happy to discuss a suitable option based on your needs.

An Exclusive and Permanent Team
A team handpicked by you and dedicated to your practice only. This is the highest service level and essentially gives you the benefits of augmented full-time staff at a fraction of the cost.

Bespoke Team
A premium bespoke team provides you with 24/7 support from a team of your choosing; giving you absolute service and responsiveness, increasing your outputs and efficiencies; while at the same time, enabling substantial cost savings. Team members are drawn together for individual projects.

Legal Process Team
A cost-optimised team works like a shared-service centre. You will have 24/7 support from our trained legal and paralegal staff at a cost level that makes a huge difference to your bottom line.

Handpicking Your Virtual Team

When assembling your virtual team, we will assess your needs against several criteria:

  • size and complexity of the project
  • length of the retainer
  • priority given to keeping costs down, and
  • your preference for face-to-face meetings as opposed to virtual contact.

This gives us an idea of the right mix of experience and onshore capability that we should combine with our offshore paralegal associates in your virtual team as well as an idea of how your team should be engaged.

Our Lead Oversight Lawyers

Each virtual team is assembled through one of our lead oversight lawyers. The amount of time, the Lead spends on a project will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project.

For smaller or routine projects (where work is simple and the imperative is to keep costs down), the lead will simply meet you for an initial consultation and assemble an appropriate offshore paralegal team.

That initial consultation is free so you will gather your Lead’s expertise and experience with the outsourcing process without adding to your costs.

For more complex matters, you can rest in the comfort of knowing that your work is in the hands of a lawyer who has:

  • more than ten years practicing experience in your jurisdiction
  • a subject matter expertise relevant to your project
  • understands the particular challenges of outsourcing legal process work, and
  • is available to meet in person throughout the retainer.

Our team of lead lawyers has expertise in both legal processes (contract management, litigation, due diligence) as well as specific subject matter areas (international law; banking finance; trade; climate change).

Through LPO Connect, you can strengthen your practice with specialised expertise as well as personnel to do the grunt work.