Our Legal Process Outsourcing Services

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has already transformed the way Fortune 500 companies do business and the Am Law 200 serves their clients. However, smaller legal departments and firms have been locked out of this revolution due to the high-volume of work and scale required to engage the largest LPO service providers.

The LPO Connect service model is fully flexible and designed to suit the needs of our clients, their projects and their ongoing support needs. We use the same approach to LPO services as we do for our other solutions: tailoring solutions to provide you with a bespoke, cost and value-optimised platform designed to add to your firm’s client value proposition.


Our contract and document management work stream brings you ready made systems and processes designed to:

  • control multiple versions and track edits on a contract under negotiation
  • risk manage all contractual changes to ensure that all obligations are understood and performable
  • manage language and jurisdictional differences for cross-border contracts.

We can also maintain and monitor performance of contractual obligations so that key dates and milestones are not missed. If you are negotiating or managing a high volume of contracts or dealing with a few projects of greater complexity, our resources can mitigate risk and free up resources.

With our support you will be able to service more of your client’s work in-house.

Most major projects, whether mergers, acquisitions or environmental impact assessments, are now accompanied by volumes of e-documentation that was unthinkable only years ago. Clients, courts and partners expect lawyers to be on-top of everything they are sent as well as have those resources organised and readily available when giving advice.

Document management and due diligence are; therefore, now a practice in themselves. Our due diligence lead lawyers have managed numerous major projects and have established processes for getting on top of large amounts of documentation.


Services and

Our litigation team will assist in all aspects of your preparation and case its execution. Dedicated software allows evidence to be searched and tracked as well as easily referenced when preparing pleadings. With greater resources at your fingertips, you will be better prepared and organised during pre-trial processes and in court.

Our precedent services allow detailed tracking of relevant case-law and outcome’s statistics. You can use these services to prepare legal arguments. You can also analyse how specific courts and tribunals have dealt with analogous cases, giving your client a better informed appraisal of the prospects of success.

Our litigation lead lawyers have extensive experience in court and can bring you a strategic viewpoint, which will empower you to serve your clients better.